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As an independent publisher, producing books is our core business. We are committed to building shared worlds and to producing original collaborative content across a number of genres including comedy, culture, fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Over the coming years we hope to develop four or five lines focusing on niche genres. These anthologies, worldbooks and the occasional piece of genre-related non-fiction will be made available as e-books and as quality, collectible hardback books.

Brash Fiction

In 1999 a new genre appeared in the US. It was called bizarro fiction, and it embodied the cinematic weirdness of the video age, combining shock, horror, insanity and the kind of in-your-face cult comedy first embraced in cult films of the 1980s. At its worst, bizarro fiction can be crude, nauseating and offensive, while at its best it can be insightful, intelligent and satirical.

It is also very American.

Cue brash fiction, the British spin on the bizarro genre. Still surreal, still shocking, still in your face, but much more ironic...

Cultural/Historical Fantasy and Science Fiction

These books will focus on thematic anthologies and fantasy adventures set between the cracks in Earth's history. They may be secret histories set against the backdrop of the real world, they may be alternate histories based on historical events or scientific discoveries, or they may be tales in which only a thin grey line separates the fictional from the factual...

The first book in this line will be Finding Beorma, a fictional biography which explore the origins and legend of a 7th century anglo-saxon warrior who ultimately became the founding father of a city.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Comedy

There really isn't enough genre-based comedy out there. We're hoping to publish anthologies and stand-alone novels specialising in original genre-specific humorous fiction.

The first book in this line will be The Ends of the Earth, an anthology of short stories paying tribute to the modern master of science-fiction comedy, Douglas Adams.

Iconic Fantasy

Our iconic fantasy anthologies will focus on new adventures for old, established characters, mostly within the public domain. They might, for example, cover such characters as King Arthur, Count Dracula, Dick Turpin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes or Sweeney Todd.

Shared Worlds

Not so much a genre as a publishing ethos. Our anthologies will, in most cases, be developed as shared worlds whose settings, characters and adventures are interconnected in some way. This will establish each title as a body of work that should encourage further volumes dependent on their success.

Outside of our other lines, books that are set within shared fantasy and science fiction worlds will be encouraged and developed separately.

Examples of such shared-world approaches have included Robert L Asprin and Lynn Abbey's Thieves World, Larry Niven's Man-Kzin Wars, George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards series and a wide number of TV-based novel series including Star Wars and Doctor Who: The New Adventures.


Our worldbooks will be complementary to our other lines (especially those set in shared worlds), creating guidebooks and bibles to the different fictional worlds that will appear in our books. Imagine a roleplaying sourcebook without any of those pesky rules.

These books will present the fictional facts and provide a broader background than might be appropriate for an anthology or novel.

Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows is a full-size, quarterly e-zine devoted to urban horror, fantasy and science fiction. In addition, it will flirt with elements of speculative fiction where there is an obvious overlap. So bizzaro, cyberpunk, paranormal romance and steampunk fiction will occasionally be covered.

Urban Shadows will consist of articles, comic strips, interviews, reviews and short stories, and each volume will be linked by a common theme.

Go to the Urban Shadows Website.


Times are hard, and the days of big advances and high profits for are behind us. Fringeworks is a small independent publisher that hopes to find clever ways of punching above its own weight.

We live to find new talent and to give writers the chance to get recognition for their work in the public domain, but that doesn’t mean we can accept unsolicited submissions. Each anthology has an editor, and each editor will have the responsibility to choose the authors they invite to write for them.

What you can do, is sign up to join our submissions mailing list at This mailing list will be used exclusively as a way of letting you know what works are seeking submissions, and what the editors are looking for.

Of course, we are currently looking to discuss pitches and ideas with agents, artists, designers, editors and writers who have already established themselves within the industry, and we are happy to be contacted by anyone who is interested in bringing the benefits of their own experience to a new generation.

We are also looking for contributions to our electronic magazine, Urban Shadows. For more details contact

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